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A1. Please review our Details page on our website for the above information.  For game times and park locations, they are based on divisions - it may change every year but to get an idea you can look at the previous year's schedule for those details.

A2. Please review our Details page on our website for the above information.

A3. Yes we do!  Individual players are encouraged to sign up on our website as a Free Agent.  Interested teams will then contact the individual as they see fit.

A4. These fees are determined by the team that you are playing for.  Each player cost may be different depending on the number of players on the team, jersey costs, etc.

A5. We are an SPN (Slo-Pitch National) sanctioned league and as such follow the SPN ranking of individual players.  Our divisions are aligned as follows to encourage fair play:

  • Competitive division:
    • Scenarios exists for "B" players as agreed upon by the division teams; all other players must be ranked as "C" or lower
  • Intermediate division:
    • All players must be ranked as "D" or lower
  • Recreational division:
    • All players must be ranked as "E" or lower 
  • Fun-Rec division:
    • Preferably "beginners" and "new to the game players"